Geographic Information Systems

From strategy development and plan adoption to design, implementation, knowledge transfer and system delivery, IT Nexus provides the expertise and counsel that brings success. IT Nexus offers expertise in the complete systems development life-cycle.

GIS Services

Software Development

IT Nexus has leading experience in the design and delivery of web and mobile applications that improve business processes and create embedded efficiencies using ESRI’s ArcGIS Platform, PostGIS, Mapnik, MapBox, HTML5 / Javascript, React, Microsoft .NET, C/C++, and Java.

System Integration

GIS and web technologies combined with our enterprise system knowledge create system integration solutions that access data on multiple platforms, standardize and synchronize data across systems, and remove the need for redundant data entry.

Open Source GIS

IT Nexus is a leading system architect and implementer of open source and serverless GIS and IT solutions. We can provide scalable and cost effective cloud-based GIS solutions using PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Mapnik and MapBox on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure platforms.

Strategic Planning

Needs assessments, system architecture definition, conceptual system designs, and phased implementation plans that guide clients to organizational consensus and the successful implementation of technical solutions.

Database Design

Relational database designs in SQL Server, Oracle, or ArcGIS/SDE. NoSQL database design and implementation using Hadoop, Cassandra and Apache Spark. Comprehensive documentation with data dictionaries, ERD’s, UML models and meta-data to support development and on going database administration.

ESRI Implementation Services

IT Nexus is a member of the ESRI Partner Network. Let our team of ESRI software experts install or upgrade your ArcGIS Platform.