Build your next Capital Improvment Plan

with ease

Move your CIP plan to a collaborative online enviroment with nexCIP. nexCiP is a web-based solution for CIP planning that includes embedded data visualization and GIS mapping.

Using nexCIP, utility managers can develop a comprehensive inventory of future capital projects and allocate funding to those projects from existing and proposed fund sources. nexCIP is configured to support the utility’s project breakdown structure for the various project phases of design, construction, easement acquisition, etc. Budgeting, scheduling, and funding are accomplished at the phase level rather than at the project level to provide managers with the greatest flexibility for planning infrastructure improvements. Cost escalation is incorporated into nexCIP, allowing utility managers to set escalation rates and vary them by individual project and phase if desired.

A primary output of nexCIP is the Five Year CIP; however, the embedded Tableau functionality provides endless capability for visualizing any and all project data related to budgets, schedules, and funding. Standard project dashboards are included in nexCIP and custom reports and visuals may also be provided.

Already using ArcGIS Online or Portal to publish web maps? The nexCIP can utilize your existing web maps in conjuction with the project planning tools in nexCIP to create custom CIP maps.

Project Inventory

Easily develop initial budgets and schedules for new construction projects. Simply choose from your pre-configured schedule templates then input the construction cost and start date. nexCiP generates costs and start/end dates for all phases of the project.

Project Phases

Phase level detail for managing project budgets and schedule. Cost escalation feature automatically updates phase budgets with changes in schedule. Options for either manually managing design phase costs or automatically updating them as a function of construction cost.


Funds may be allocated to project phases in multiple years and from multiple fund sources. nexCIP automatically tracks funding status by phase: unfunded, under-funded, over-funded.

Five Year CIP

Standard and custom Tableau dashboards for visualizing up-to-date CIP budgets, schedules, and funding for projects and phases. Interactive controls allow inspection and analysis under a variety of filter/grouping interests and time periods.


Upload supporting project documents and save project notes to track revision history between multiple users.


Includes ESRI GIS integration to search by project location and to add and edit project locations.